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The Story Behind the Name

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

The name "Lahti" is so important to me. My mom's parents, both my grandma and grandpa, were born in the United States after their parents immigrated to the Upper Peninsula from Finland. Lahti is my grandparents last name and also my mom's maiden name.

My grandparents had 5 children and, as their families grew, it just happened to be that, in the generations that would come after me, there would be no one in our family who would carry on our Finnish family name. After speaking to my grandma about my photography business, I asked her how she might feel if I were to carry on her name in this way instead. Cue all the emotions. I didn't want her to feel pressured as I felt like this was a big question to ask for a name that means so much to our family. She was quick to say yes.

My grandma has never owned a computer. She does not have a cellphone. And yet, she lives a life many people dream of. She raised an amazing family and is one of the hardest working people I know. She embodies what it means to be kind and loving and taught us all to be strong and a bit stubborn when we need to be. She is the matriarch of our family. I look up to her and admire her for all that she is and I am so thankful to be able to carry on our family name, her name - even if it's just in this small way.

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